Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Paws came early!

Two little 4 month old kittens joined our family last weekend. They are from different litters, but were raised by the same foster mom, and so they bonded like siblings.  Meet Charlie and Mugsy.


Charlie is a little orange & white  “creamsicle” female. Our vet said that only 10% of orange tabbies are females, so she’s pretty special. She’s also fearless –– she approached and sniffed Diva Dog on day 1 and curled up beside her for a nap on day 3!



Mugsy is a dapper young man in his spiffy tux and boots. His coat is glossy black and sparkling white. Curmudgeon noticed that he is quite the dandy -– he grooms after playing and before bed.


We haven’t had kittens in years, so watching them play and romp is really a joy! We’re not sure if Diva Dog is enjoying their playing as much as we are, but look how cute they are!


They’re even really cute and precious when sleeping.



We’re pretty smitten with these cute little faces!

Warning! Due to recent cold snap and the subsequently sad state of our garden, this blog may be filled with kitten pictures for a few weeks!


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Congratulations, Wingnut and Curmudgeon! I'm so pleased to see the new family members. Orange kitties and tuxedo kitties are my absolute favourites. They seem to be very, very smart, or at least ours are. May you have many happy years together!
I love blogs full of kitten pictures, so fill your boots, and our hearts!

Christine B. said...

What adorable new additions! Your dog must be really mellow to let them frisk around so close. Thanks for sharing the cute pics.

CB in Alaska

Magic Cochin said...

Kitten pictures are fine!

They look as though they are well settled and have found a lovely Auntie Diva Dog to keep them warm ;-)

Merry Christmas from Celia in snowy Suffolk, UK

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I read this post yesterday, but couldn't write a comment. Seeing a German Shepherd and two adorable little kittens was too much for my nervous system. My first and forever my best GS is not with me anymore (the box with his ashes is at my feet right now, under the desk), the red cat was gone long ago. They were friends. I doubt that my second GH who is 4 years old now would love to have a kitten nearby. I am surprised your pictures didn't disappear from your blog, I thought I ate them with my eyes!
Have a happy Holiday Season!

our friend Ben said...

Oh Gods, how adorable!!! My red Maine coon female, Athena, sends props to Charlie. I keep hoping one or more of my three decide to snuggle up to Shiloh, but no luck so far. (Though I think the dog thinks the cats are the best dog toys ever, and the cats think the dog makes a really great cat toy.) Congrats to you both for finding sweet cats to fill your hearts this Christmas!!!!

RantWoman said...

Psst. It's really fun to watch the humans play too!

Great yummy Cuban picadillo too!

Daphne said...

Oh they are so cute. I can't have cats now (a husband with allergies), but as a kid I had an orange tabby. He used to sleep on the dogs too.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

They are just the cutest! I had a little orange tabby named Ginger and she was the sweetest cat I ever had. I'm glad Diva dog adjusted so well.

Andrea said...

Can't wait to these two grow. What better way to wait for the winter to pass than watching kittens discover their new digs. A~ Happy Holidays.

reemhmam said...

nice cats