Monday, May 11, 2009

Slugs and worms and viruses, oh my!

No, we did not fall off the face of the earth. No, we have not been buried under rabid rhubarb. And, no, we have not been covered by crapping camellias. Although, the camellias are still crapping all over the potager, and the rhubarb really does seem to be on steroids. The Wenches are still here, but we've been having some woes.


Despite Diva Dog's best efforts at guarding the cloches, slugs have been eating our salad greens.  But they've left enough for us to be able to get our first taste of spring salad greens, complete with baby radishes. And there was a lovely picture of said salad to go along with this post, but due to user error it got deleted. Oops. Sigh.

Worms and viruses have been wreaking havoc with our computer. It was running slow as molasses, and something was hijacking our browser. We'd click on one link and end up somewhere else, far from our original destination. Wing Nut has been working her day job at the nursery and then coming home and burning the midnight oil late, running all manner of scans looking for malicious programs, viruses, and spyware. Work at the nursery is exhausting this time of year, so much so that they are thinking of having t-shirts made that say "I survived Mother's Day!" The computer troubles are downright maddening -- there's a whole lot of nasty stuff out there in cyberspace! So now we're functioning again, but something still seems not quite right.

And through all the craziness, the critters remind us of what's really important--enjoying a nap in the sunshine.



Anonymous said...

And perhaps a T-shirt that reads, "I rescued my computer from insidious killjoys."

Welcome back.

our friend Ben said...

Ugh, the horror/terror of computer nasties! I'll take slugs any day. Love Diva Dog on guard! And that final photo makes me want to go nap, too.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Wenches
I'm so sorry about the computer mess .. and that is what you can truly call it when it makes you almost sick from trying to fix it!
Slugs and aphids add earwhigs and you have the worst of the worst int he garden for me .. ugh !
Glad to see none of this stops the "babies" from having a nap ? LOL .. hope you can fix things soon .. and a HUGE yes about t-shirts saying you survived "Mother's Day" at the nursery !!

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha, I was going to tell you about my slugs. :) Welcome back.

Curmudgeon said...

I'm not sure the computer is completely rescued, Grace. The scans keep telling us we're clean but our browser is still being hijacked.

Our critters take their sleep very seriously, OFB.

Oh the slug damage, GardenJoy! My beautiful purple pac choi looks like grandma's lace doilies.

Glad to be back mothernaturesgarden!

RainGardener said...

I know what you mean - slugs and computers. What could be worse. Mine is slow too. Even with this half a---d high speed they gave me. Where I live I can't get the real thing! I call it a slugs crawl better than dial up! So slugs in the computer and in the garden - what could be worse!

Karen said...

Oh phew, when you said woes with a picture of your sweet doggie, I thought something had happened to her! Well, slugs and worms are no picnic either, but as you said, other things in life are more essential to happiness, like sunshine and companionship. It's so weird, the slugs/snails don't seem to bother with my parking strip salad patch. I wonder if they are too scared/stupid to cross the sidewalk? They seem to prefer the long and perilous climb up the front steps instead, weirdly. Have you tried eggshells? Well, sounds like you are getting a good harvest despite their efforts, so that's good at least.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a relief, we were about to send out a search party. Sorry about the computer. Ask has hijacked my searches as well and doesn't want to give it back to google.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Yikes - sorta takes the fun out of surfing and gardening. But hang in there and you'll conquer the beasts!

Curmudgeon said...

I hear you, RainGardener!

Hi Karen! In my fight against the slugs my weapon of choice is coffee grounds. I use it as mulch around hostas and hellebores. I'm trying it for the first time around the salad greens--seems to be working. Hmm, wonder if it would be more effective if I mix the coffee with ground up eggshells? Yikes, that's beginning to sound like your brew to disuade squirrels from your bulbs! LOL! Hey, if it works I'll try it.

Hey there Aunt Debbi! A search party may still be needed--we're not completely restored yet.

Thanks Petunia! I miss my daily dose of garden blog surfing.