Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Different Kind of Adventure


Kitty yoga? White Socks NEVER lies on her back like this. I think she's trying to imitate Wing Nut. This is what Wing Nut has been looking like the last few days.



Diva Dog napping? Don't let her fool you. This is one seriously stubborn GSD. Since Thursday she has been refusing to leave the house except for potty breaks.

Why are the critters acting so oddly? I think Wing Nut should tell you--the rest of the story.


What's wrong with this picture?


Wait a minute, those aren't Wellies. And those silver things are not garden implements. What's going on?

I (Wing Nut) had a bit of an accident this week. My right foot was squashed when a rack of potted plants tipped over and landed on it. Fortunately, I only broke one bone and it was a clean break. Things could have been much, much worse, and we are grateful that they weren't.

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all of my AWESOME co-workers and managers for scooping me up, giving me some ibuprofen, taping ice packs to my foot, and finding a pair of crutches within a matter of minutes. I'd also like to say a special thank you to MARY for shuttling me to the doctor, the pharmacy and then home, and for putting up with me while I tried not to freak out or fall apart too much.

So now I'm at home for a while -- eating, sleeping, taking pain meds, surrounding my foot with ice packs, and wearing this spiffy new boot.


Diva Dog is most supportive and loyal -- snuggling with me for my afternoon naps (of which there have been several the last few days). 

But she is also being stubborn and not going for her afternoon walks with Curmudgeon! The weather is absolutely gorgeous this holiday weekend, and they could be having wonderful long walks to Fremont or Ballard. Instead, she's usually sleeping beside me while I'm stretched out with my foot raised on a pillow and covered in ice packs. What a great dog! An under-exercised dog, but a great dog!

I'm sad that we aren't enjoying family adventures this weekend like we did previous weekends. According to the tide charts, there was a really low tide yesterday morning. We could have had fun at the beach, playing on the sand flats. But no -- I'm homebound and not moving much.

Going back to work may be an adventure too. I'm allowed to do desk work, but the computers are all located upstairs. In a few days, I should be able to climb stairs, as long as I don't do it frequently. I'm also not sure how I'll get to work -- I broke my right foot and can't drive with the boot.  There's no way I can do my regular job for a while --- 8 hours on my feet on concrete floors, running around stocking plants, unloading trucks, assisting customers and such. Sigh... this is not the summer adventure I wanted to have this year.


RainGardener said...

Ohhhhhh Nooooooooo I'm so sorry to hear that this happened. And right when we finally get some nice weather. It couldn't have happened in the rain huh. Well, Diva Dog is definitely dedicated but then dogs are like that. Don't feel all alone - I didn't break anything but spent all day yesterday under blankets shivering and fighting a flu or something horrible. Coming out of it a bit today but not completely.
Hope ya heal fast.

Karen said...

Oh WN, I am so so sorry! What a huge bummer. I hope your pain meds are making things a little better, and that the bone heals well and soon. And your furry nurse is obviously not going to leave your side until you are up and about! Please let me know via the Sagbutt listserv if I can make a delivery, pull some weeds, or otherwise help out a bit until you're feeling better.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Dang, that looks like it hurts. Maybe you could find a place to sit in the nursery and have your coworkers bring you plants to trim and clean up?

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Sorry about your accident but glad it wasn't any worse. They say dogs are loyal and yours proves it. Rest up.

Magic Cochin said...

Oh no! How *****Y frustrating for you.

But how great to have a furry companion while you rest and heal.

I'm sure you'll find the enforced rest enlightening :-)


GardenJoy4Me said...

Oh my goodness Wingnut !
Yes .. you are lucky it wasn't more serious but having this right now to deal with is just plain awful ! .. I love that Diva dog is so concerned for you .. she is a comfort .. even "kitty yoga" is something to smile at from little madame there : )
Best wishes for your leg mending QUICKLY .. and try not to worry about time missed with other adventures .. this is one you will get through .. Sophie is sneezing at me right now which means she wants a brushing .. LOL
Aren't our furry kids too funny ?

Curmudgeon said...

Hey Everyone,
The pain meds are helping, but I usually feel awful first thing in the morning. If I ice my foot for a little while, then get up slowly, eat some breakfast, and then take more pills, I start to feel better.

Diva Dog and White Socks are tremendous comforts to me! Another comfort is Curmudgeon baking me a Cardamom Oatmeal Coffee Cake complete with chocolate chips! (try saying that 5 times fast! :-)
I hope I'm healing. I'm trying not to do too much, but the sitting still is making me crazy!

I'll have to see what I can arrange with my manager about work duties. I think for now I need to deal with the pain and then figure out transportation options. I'm sure if I can get to the nursery, they'll find projects for me to do! Heck, maybe I could direct traffic in our new greenhouse since everyone's wondering where everything went!

Thanks for all the get well wishes.
Wing Nut

Jean Bradbury said...

I am so sorry to hear about your foot. I hope it heals well and soon.

Thanks for the previous post about the locks and the garden. Can you believe I have never been there and you have remended me to fix that soon.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Sorry to hear about your foot! I hope it heals quickly so you can get back out and enjoy some more fun adventures!

RantWoman said...

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Really sorry to her about this! I can completely imagine the idleness making you crazy and I hope you are back to your sturdy self soon!

And tell Diva Dog Thanks for looking out for you! What a sweetie.

If there is anything I can fetch and deliver, please feel free to ask! I will call with a couple thoughts on the travel front.


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Oh you poor thing, we should call you winged nut now (as in wounded).

So glad that your co-workers were such a big help and comfort to you in your hour of need. And it's good to see that both Diva Dog and White Socks are very supportive too. I've had the same experience with my cats when I was bedridden for many months and they would not leave my side.

Take care and I hope you will be out and about soon!

J said...

Aw, Wing Nut, so sorry to hear about your accident. Take good care and get well soon.

(Might cheer you up to see yours and Curmudgeon's hands over at Pleasant Hill Rambles. I've finally posted the first of the gardeners' hands photos.)

Nicole said...

Oh Oh, sorry to hear about your accident and do get well soon. At least you have canine and feline company!

Matron said...

What a patient and understanding dog you have! They just KNOW when things are not quite right with you and a GSD will be protective of you.. Hope you feel better soon. PS. I thought the ancient ancestor of the trombone was a sackbutt..hmm

kd said...

Youch! And I'm sure those potted plants looked oh-so-innocent and harmless before they launched their vicious attack...

Have you come up with any creative uses for those silver thingies yet?

Hope you feel better soon.

Kathryn/ said...

So sorry to hear about the bone break. Ouch! But your loving dog is a testament to loyalty. Doesn't it make you feel so grateful? What a sweetheart to have near you as you heal. Blessings on the healing process for a speedy recovery!

Curmudgeon said...

Hey Everyone,
Thank you all for the well get wishes. They must be working -- I'm feeling better! :-) And I've graduated to a different, and much more comfortable, stiff shoe thingy. No more snowboarding boot and thank the heavens for that -- we had temps in the 90's today! UGH!

I'm getting around much better now, so that makes me happier. I just need to remember not to overdo it and to sit down and rest from time to time.

The furry ones are really wonderful companions. I just don't want Diva Dog to jeopardize her own health without her walks. Then again, she hates this hot weather as much as I do. We've started going for later evening short walks.

Stay cool and happy gardening!
Winged Nut

Tatyana said...

I'm glad you are doing better now.I didn't show the pictures to my GSD, since he is not allowed on the bed/sofa and could get very jealous!