Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who needs patio furniture anyway?

We realized last summer that we hardly ever sat on the patio because it was too hot and sunny. Also, our patio is right in line with our neighbor’s deck so we don’t have much privacy. So we moved the table and chairs to a relatively flat section of the lawn under the shade of the cherry tree. Then we filled the patio with pots of berries, herbs, vegetables and flowers.


Now we have a mixture of edibles and ornamentals as well as plants to attract pollinators and plants needing pollinators.


Between the herbs and flowers, we have lots of bees.


Here’s a close up. Look at all that pollen!

P1010320 rev 2

Last summer we had fabulous eggplants. So we tried again this year. Unfortunately, it’s been so cool this summer, I’m not sure we’re going to have any eggplants. The flowers only appeared last week.


On a whim (and after feeling giddy about our eggplant success last year), we decided to try melons in the Earthbox this year. Well they sure are vining out over the herbs and reaching for the garden bed!


Wait!  What’s that in Curmdugeon’s hand? A baby melon! Come on little one!  Grow! Grow!


We finally wised up and put bird netting over the fig tree, strawberries, and blueberries, which are all growing in pots on the patio. Now we are harvesting a bit of fruit for ourselves – not just losing it all to the birds and other varmints.  Here’s today’s harvest of ‘Sunshine Blue’ blueberries and ‘Seascape’ strawberries.

P1010325 P1010323P1010327

So we have flowers and fruit, herbs and vegetables, lots of bees, and even hummingbirds visiting the salvia and agastache. Why on earth would we want patio furniture here?


Jan said...

Looks like you have made good use of this space.

Always Growing

Rose said...

Now, this is a great idea! Our patio is too sunny, too, and rarely do we sit on it. Looks like the bees are enjoying your redecoration. Those blueberries look yummy!

inadvertent farmer said...

Figs are one thing I haven't tried yet...hmmm maybe I just might after seeing yours!

I feel your pain over the eggplant, I'm not sure any warm season plant here in Western WA will ripen this year...well unless summer is extended into October which only seems fair that it does! Kim

Wing Nut said...

Thanks, Jan. We're trying!

Hi Rose! The blueberries have great flavor. "Sunshine blue" is a smaller bush and self-polinates, so it's a great choice for a container.

Kim, we've had the fig for a few years now, but still have not eaten and fruit ourselves. We keep hoping! Summer into October sounds good to me!

Marie said...

Very nice :)
Who needs patio furniture, when you can have flowers :)

Kathryn/plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.com said...

Hi, ladies! You are inspiring me to want to try blueberries. Figs I have. Huge tree in back. Big enough to share w/ birdies. :) It is a challenge to get the back yard comfy not just for plants but for ourselves! So true. Good for you for being creative! Hope you get your melon!

Viooltje said...

Exactly, I couldn't agree more. Nothing beats such colorful magic of flowers. And certainly not patio furniture. Mind you, two years ago, I dedicated a whole area of former BBQ benches (which were never used for they have been too close to the bbqer, and allegedly, too close to the Sun as well). I got a few packages of prairie, meadow and herb seeds/seedlings, followed by my longtime wish to attract as much bees and bumblebees as possible to my garden. And guess what, I attracted the whole bloody swarm of bees. Hundreds and hundreds buzzing all around backyard, and finally forming a clump on a ripe cherry tree ;-) Nice to be back with the Wenchces and nice to see Curmudgeon and yourself back and growing such fruit galore. Cheers!

Sarah Laurence said...

I love how you've given your patio to the birds and bees and harvested such fabulous fruits and herbs.

Wing Nut said...

Thanks everyone! Curmudgeon said she's working on a post about our first fig! Yes, we managed to get one to ripen and were able to eat it! Yippee!! It was fabulous!

Kerri said...

Hello ladies!
Flowers, fruit, bees and birds - much better than patio furniture :) I rarely take time to sit on ours, but our front porch is big enough for both, luckily.
Your strawberries and blueberries look delicious!