Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April meeting of SAGBUTT


The Good Shepherd Center, site of the April SAGBUTT meeting.


Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United To Talk


April meeting


Saturday April 18th

1:30 to 4:00 pm


Good Shepherd Center

4649 Sunnyside Avenue N.

Room 209

Seattle, WA


Discuss gardening

Talk about blogging

Seed/plant exchange

Visit the Seattle Tilth demonstration gardens

If you are a gardener, a garden blogger, or thinking about becoming either of these, you are welcome to join us.

The Good Shepherd Center is located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.  It is easily accessible by bus and is only half a mile from I-5. Here is a map.

By bus: Take route #44 (east-west) or route #16 (north-south), get off at 45th and Meridian, walk three blocks north. Meridian Park and Good Shepherd Center are on the right.

Driving directions: From I-5, take Exit 169 for NE 50th St., head westbound one-half mile, turn left (southbound) on Sunnyside Ave. N., and use the second driveway on the right to enter the Good Shepherd Center parking lot. Parking is free.

Please leave a comment if you are planning to attend. And don't hesitate to leave suggestions for the meeting agenda.


Gail said...

Feeling envious in Nashville....there aren't enough of us to meet! gail

our friend Ben said...

Please, please, please post a followup about the Seattle TILTH garden!!! But let's not talk about sagging butts, please. Thank God, we haven't seen any of those around here!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I sure hope I can make it, I have it on my calender and will try to be there. I had a lot of fun last time and the TILTH is somewhere I really want to go to.
Thanks for being the organizers.

Karen said...

Please count me in! Can I do/bring anything to help out? Maybe we could talk a bit this time about actual blogging, like why we do it, or about platforms and positives/negatives of the ones we have chosen, etc. Or maybe not, and just talk about gardening and plants instead, so much more fun. Thanks for organizing! Oh, did anyone want to do some Earth Day activity first? I need to look for something. If I find one, I'll put it on the Google listserv.

Kerri said...

Surely no serious gardener has a sagging butt? And we'd never admit it if we did.
Thankfully we can forego showing butts on the blogs, so no need for any guilty admissions :)
Have a wonderful time, girls!
We have sunshine today..finally..and are promised 53º! And I have the day off. (So I'd better get off my butt)..... ;)

Matron said...

Wish I could be with you this time, but I have a daytime job that makes demands. Look forward to hearing about all your swaps. Can someone post a picture of the Great Wall of China tomatoes? did they germinate? Love to Diva-Dog xx

Petunia's Gardener said...

I'm looking forward to it! Cannot wait to see what is growing in the Tilth garden also. What a great location for our gathering. Thanks for organizing it this round.

Related to blogging, I'd be interested in knowing what others like to use to store and edit photos, in prep for the blog or just in general. Doesn't have to be part of this meeting discussion, though.
See you soon!

inadvertent farmer said...

Howdy all...I will not be able to make it this month, prior obligations with hubby (darn him!). Is this something that is a monthy thing? If so please let me know and I would love to find my way up to the big city to join in the fun! Kim

Karen said...

PS I found the old nametags from the first meeting, want me to bring them? I'll try to remember! Mm, I can almost taste those rhubarb bars...

tel said...

Thinking about starting a garden blog for my large but amateur garden - might drop by with some sedums and maybe a handful of leftover seeds.

Karen said...

PPS Thanks for hosting today! Here is a link to the gardening aspect of Sustainable Ballard - One of the co-coordinators, Ingela Warnerstrand, is a great gal (you might have met her at Tilth or other urban gardening events).

Jean Bradbury said...

Oh no! Oh no! I can't believe I missed this! I just realized this morning what day it is. I hope you all had a great time yesterday at Tilth. I look forward to reading about it.

Molly said...

Sorry I missed the April meet-up. I was in Minnesota helping my aunt celebrate her 90th birthday. Do we have location for the May get-together?

Bonnie Story said...

So sorry to miss the April event. I am really looking forward to participating and contributing! But, finishing the house and moving in has totally occupied every scrap of my time and energy (just ask my big macho weeds out in the garden.) Anyway, I am about to be cut off until 6/15/09 by the Hood Canal Bridge closure, but I'm hoping to turn up at a SAGBUTT fete in August or thereabouts. Sure will be fun! Thanks so much, Bonnie