Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh my aching...

Fill in whatever body part you want here. They all hurt! You know, it's really too bad Tiger Balm only comes in tiny jars -- I'd like to dip myself in a vat of it.

Yesterday afternoon, while the temps were low but the sun was warm, Curmudgeon and I worked on the garden bed for about 4 hours or so. Today we're feeling it.

We had planted crimson clover and fava beans in the fall for a winter cover crop. We thought it was now time to churn them under so we can start planting in another week or two. Plus we added 4 bags of steer manure. We did all of this work by hand, by hoe, by shovel, by Garden Claw, and by rake. No mechanical equipment. Uff da hey -- that was hard work! Next year, if we have a winter cover crop, I want a rototiller!!

Hopefully all of our efforts will pay off with a bumper-crop of veggies this summer. In the meanwhile, if White Socks will share, I'm going to sit on the sofa, covered in Tiger Balm, sip my coffee and read a book. And maybe dream of rototillers...

-- Wing Nut


themanicgardener said...

You deserve the break, so I hope it's a good book. I'm dying to hear how the cover crop turns out. I almost got around to it this fall, but in the end--not so much.

Daphne said...

I like that addition to your coffee. I planted a cover crop in some beds last year. It isn't time to turn them over yet, but I think the oats all died off over the winter and have mostly broken down already. The vetch is another matter. I'll see how it is when my garden finally melts out.

Gail said...

I am so sorry about your aches! As the days get warmer we'll be hearing collective groaning from all over the blogasphere as gardeners make up for winters forced inactivity! I went for a massage and it felt wonderful! gail

Curmudgeon said...

Hey you had Grand Marnier in your coffee!?! So not fair! I was on my feet for 4 hrs straight this morning. Hand it over Wing Nut!

GardenJoy4Me said...

WWW !!
Soak in a hot tub with Epsom Salts and I can tell you will will help a lot ! .. The addition to the coffee ? you are my kind of gardeners : ) LOL
Our girls go crazy over the smell of A535 Rub ... go figure ? haha

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Hopefully the pain will be worth it and luckily it was done before the snow. At least it's snowing at our house!
I think I'll have the same coffee Wing Nut is having since it sounds like Curmudgeon got jipped!

Anonymous said...

But don't you agree--aches and pains notwithstanding--that the satisfaction of accomplishing a major task is pure bliss? Plus the instant gratification of looking outside (sans snow) and seeing your work. :)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I find that a good stretch helps when I am really sore. It hurts worse while stretching, but feels better after. Of course a shot in the coffee can't hurt either.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Yep, I'm feel 'n it too! I sifted a bunch of soil for a new tunnel or chenille I'm making. Used the garden claw and everything you mentioned and everything hurts! Happy gardening!

Wing Nut said...

Hey Kate - I'm currently reading Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul. I thought my soul, along with my body, could use a little care.

Hi Daphne - we might be a little early churning them under, but we want to get our cool season stuff started, so it needed to be done.

Hi Gail - I think you are right about moaning across the blogosphere soon! But it's worth it.

Hey Curmudgeon - It's my day off and I've already completed all the errands. So I think a shot of Grand Marnier is just fine.

Hi GardenJoy - my mom swore by epsom salt and hot baths. Unfortunately, our bathroom has a shower stall, no tub. :-(

Hi Catherine - Enjoy that coffee! :-) I think we all deserve a treat once in a while.

Hi Grace - yes, I feel tremendous satisfaction from good hard work. And I'm relieved we didn't get snowed under today. We had enough to make Diva Dog look like someone dropped a snowcone on her this morning, but it melted off.

Hi Aunt Debbi - stretching would be the SMART thing to do, wouldn't it? Sometimes we're not as smart as we like to think we are.

Hey Tessa - glad to know we're not alone in our aches, I mean, accomplishments this weekend! ;-)

Happy Gardening to all!

Wing Nut

Karen said...

Hey ladies, no pain no gain, right? I know I'll be super sore tomorrow, as I was out there with the loppers today and I can already feel the burn. Does tiger balm really work?

Matron said...

Tiger Balm and Grand Marnier!! You sound like you know how to have a good time! Looking forward to meeting you on the 22nd!

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Think of the positive health benefits from all the exercise!

Grand Marnier is good for you too. You bet it is!


Anna said...

I have not come across 'Tiger Balm' on this side of this pond but it sounds just the ideal potions for aches and pains. Does it smell strongly ? As for the Grand Marnier it will only help to anethetise the pain :)

Alice Joyce said...

I just can't work in the garden at all any more without really suffering for it. Too many years of endless days of power gardening. I've yet to learn how to sit still outside.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Isn't Tiger Balm just the best? I love everything about it, from the smell to the warming sensation it gives when applied to those 'ache in the places where I used to play' muscles...

Wing Nut said...

Let me amend my previous comment -- my mom still swears by epsom salts. I'm disappointed that I no longer have a bath tub in which to enjoy them.

Hi Karen - I think some Tiger Balm on your shoulders will help the post-lopper chopping aches. Sometimes Tiger Balm is the only thing that will get a mean kink out of my neck.

Hi Matron - Sorry I can't make the meeting on the 22nd. I'll be at work. But Curmudgeon will be there representing the Wenches!

Hi Rob - I agree! I feel much better when I'm more active and actually working my muscles than just sitting on my duff. But sometimes I overdo it and have to sit a bit to recuperate.

Hi Anna - I believe Tiger Balm is an Oriental muscle heat rub. It does smell strongly; one of the ingredients is clove oil. We use the red formula.

Hi Alice Joyce - Curmudgeon often comments that I can't sit still either! Sometimes she has to take my tools away so I stop digging/pruning/weeding/whatever. Or she waves food in front of me, which usually makes me stop! :-)

Hi Jodi - Tiger Balm is awesome and smells so much better than BenGay! It even alleviate sinus headaches.

Wing Nut

Janet said...

I hadn't heard of Tiger Balm either. Will have to check it out, does it smell like a locker room? My dad and brother were big Ben Gay users and does that ever smell! After yesterday I thought I would be stiff today, but I have a feeling it will be tomorrow that I have problems getting out of bed.

A Cuban In London said...

Have a well-deserved break, dear. And I love your sofa, by the way.

GGreetings from London.

JGH said...

Remember the money you're saving on sports equipment too - no treadmills, weights or fancy exercise gadgets needed. Hope the balms - both internal and external - work quickly!

keewee said...

I know the feeling, it is the "aching, every part of the body, season" as we start in on our gardening.

Town Mouse said...

Well, I'm with you! Did it used to be that way when I was younger? Wish I could remember ;->

Wing Nut said...

Hi Janet - Tiger Balm smells more herbal, spicy and hot - far more pleasant in my book. I think it's more like good cooking and less like medicine.

Hi Cuban - thank you. I do think the dog's blanket made an extra layer of cushioning for me. It's funny though how little Curmudgeon and I get to sit on the sofa -- the dog and one cat think it's theirs!

Hi JGH - I am much better about gardening or cleaning or doing something physical for exercise than I am about using a treadmill or going to a gym. We have an exercise thingy in the house... it works well as a coat rack! ;-)

Hi Keewee - I think you're right about that new season! I wonder if Hallmark will make a series of cards aimed at gardeners for this time of year?

Hi Town Mouse - When I was younger, I was a couch potato with really bad allergies. I'm very glad I outgrew both of those conditions! Over all I'm much healthier now and grateful for that.

-- Wing Nut

RantWoman said...

Hey WingNut, if you two really, really need a place to soak yourselves, there I think is still a lovely woman-only bathhouse under the Wild Rose on Capital Hill.

Either that or check out the Russian or Korean language papers. I forget where the public baths catering to cultures where people are used to group soaking are, someplace like Federal Way or maybe Lynnwood or Mountlake Terrace I think. Or some of the public swimming pools have saunas. It's a different vibe from epson salts in one's own tub but lovely in its own right.

And tell White Socks she either has to share the couch or teach you to be propwer cat furniture.

garden girl said...

Hope you're feeling better by now and the Tiger Balm has worked it's magic.

I always tell myself I'll stay in shape over the winter so I don't get so sore in the spring, but you know what they say about good intentions, and this spring will be no different, whenever it finally decides to get here!

Kerri said...

I'll have to investigate Tiger Balm (thanks for the link). It sounds like great stuff. Smell is important!! :)
It's hard not to overdo when the warmth finally arrives, isn't it?
Sounds like you have the right 'balms' for fixing the aches and pains anyway :)
I did a little clean-up in one garden on Sunday and it felt so great to breathe warmth! Spring is in the air! Yay!!!

Sarah Laurence said...

That sounds like a good day even with the pain - it will pay off.

Wing Nut said...

Hey RantWoman, we have not gone to The Hot House yet. R&N mentioned it also. Maybe we should look into it.

Hi GardenGirl - yes, you are completely right about those good intentions! Oh well. It's all good exercise and hopefully the outcome will be worth it.

Hi Kerri - Wow, I didn't realize there were so many people who didn't know about Tiger Balm! I'm glad I can spread the news about a great product to many! The combination of balms soothed me nicely. :-)

Hi Sarah - it was a very good day. Hopefully it was the first of many such days.

Happy Gardening!

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice blog!
Yeah, hubbie and I do all our work by hand also. It is hard on the ol' body, that's for sure.

inadvertent farmer said...

I am impressed...great job! You deserve lots of veggies as well as a good book.

I have a rototiller....never use it! Kim

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

You guys are amazingly 'down to earth'!! Kudos to you both;-)
I've discovered that Pain is a Part of my Life...and working in the Garden just increases it! But I love the garden and of course, will continue to deal with the Pain. (I hope yours lessens). Adding Grand Marnier certainly sounds like an excellent idea! I will be stopping at the ABC store this weekend, for sure;-)

Wing Nut said...

Hi Kim & Victoria, Thanks for coming to our blog. We do most of our gardening and yard work by hand, but do appreciate an electric edge-trimmer/weed-whacker from time to time. It certainly speeds up the trimming time.

Hi Kim, I hope you are right about all those veggies this year! I hope we get some warmer weather soon.

Hi Jan, I hope your pain lessens too so you can enjoy your garden more.

Happy gardening, everyone.