Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Princess of Salsa.

After all that salsa one can only indulge in more...


Our 4/4 salsa--4 types of tomatoes and 4 types of peppers--was definitely fiery hot. 

The Queen of Salsa.

Celia Cruz (1925-2003) is still the undisputed Queen of Salsa. I grew up knowing only the older more eccentric Celia, the Celia of the multi-colored wigs and Cuban rumba dresses. It was rather a shock to find the first video clip of a very young Celia, still in Cuba, singing with La Sonora Matancera.



Philip Bewley said...

How fun!

Philip Bewley said...

How fun!

Karen said...

Caliente! CC is definitely the queen. I have an older recording of hers, I play it all the time (especially when the gray skies are here in Seattle, you know what I'm talking about - October through mid-July!). 4/4 salsa looks amazing, I'm assuming it tasted pretty awesome too.

our friend Ben said...

Ha! And your 4/4 salsa looks so gorgeous. Yum!!!

Shibaguyz said...

We use that song at work all the time but I've never seen the video. She is the queen but definitely a little over the top... then again... that's what we all loved about her!