Sunday, February 17, 2008

A hoe, a claw and a rake : Part I

This is the "before" shot of our potager. Last fall we thought the golden grassy stuff looked very cool. As you can see from these shots taken last fall, the grassy stuff was taller and fuzzier.

Whatever were we thinking? Hopefully it will pull up easily, but just in case, we are ready with our favorite weed whackin' implements. Curmudgeon has a predilection for the claw, while Wing Nut prefers the hoe. While working to clear the bed, we discovered that the Camellia around the corner of the house is blooming. Camellia fanatics out on the east coast are just in time to catch the American Camellia Society's annual conference Feb. 22-24 at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA!

Growing along the edge of the garden bed we found vines with bright red berries and violet stems. Wing Nut remembers the vines having pretty little purple flowers. No clue what these are! Any ideas?


Gloria said...

Sounds like a form of nightshade.

Kerri said...

I see Gloria has already told you that it's nightshade. Commonly called Purple Nightshade. Very pretty, but toxic, so don't taste the berries :)
You've done such a lot of work on the potager! My husband said that weed looks like Panicum (sp?), a nasty one!


We were leaning towards nightshade. As for the "panicum", it pulled up quite easily--no long tap roots.