Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Fall/Winter Crop!

Check out our new fall/winter crop -- MARSHMALLOWS!

They blossomed in all their glory on December 1st! How about that?

It's a shame that when the temperatures warmed up, they just melted away. But we did enjoy them for a few hours.

We had very heavy and wet snow falling for quite a while on Saturday. At first the flakes were HUGE and swirling around in the backyard. Of course, our camera batteries were not charged at this point. When we finally got them charged up, the flakes were smaller, but still impressive.

They tell us snow is rare in Seattle city limits, but we had two snowfalls last year and one so far this year, so who knows?

Today the temps are warmer and it's just raining heavily all day. Hope everyone is safe out there in all the crazy weather across the nation.

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