Thursday, August 16, 2007

Peppers and more peppers!

Last week was very cool and rainy. This week we've had a couple of days in the 80s and the peppers are responding. We have more peppers than we can count!

Here are some pictures of the garden patch next to the patio. We didn't do a veggie garden this year due to sewer problems we had back i n January. Instead, we planted some seed packets we had. The nasturtiums are doing really well. Next to the purple potatoes (in the pot) you can see some little deep red flowers. These are corn flowers.

At the other end of the garden patch are the rhubarb and bronze fennel. Wing Nut is stilll apologizing to the rhubarb for having said it was dead and we should yank it out. It did look pretty sad when R & N first brought over the cuttings from their garden. And it did die back pretty completely before springing back to life.

The sedum on the hillside garden is starting to turn pink. It took some serious persistance to convince Wing Nut to put in some sedum. We found this dark purple sedum at our local Fred Meyer. It's called "postman's pride" for the Belgian postman who found it growing in his garden.

This stump sits at the bottom of our hillside garden. Wing Nut captured the play of light one evening as the sun was setting.

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